Thursday, May 19, 2011

countdown: 12 hours

In just 12 short hours my best friend Deebz will be arriving from Tampa, Florida! ET and I will be going to pick her up from Dulles Airport around midnight. It kinda feels like just yesterday ET, Fish, and I were picking her up for her winter break visit from Dulles. That was quite the adventure, so we will see what tonight brings.

Deebz and I always have SO MUCH FUN when we are together in NOVA. I can guarantee you that one of the first things we do will be to make a bucket list for the 2 weeks she is here. This will include places to eat, people to see, things to do, recipes to bake, etc. Once we compose this master list I will be sure to post it here for you all to read. We never totally complete the bucket list, but we are usually pretty darn close!

I am sure we will have some blog-worthy and TONS of picture-worthy adventures over the next few weeks. I just cannot wait to be reunited with my Deebz!

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