Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today was the second training session for this summer's Hokie Camp. We were to meet behind Lane Stadium at 7:45am to get on the buses to head out to Smith Mountain Lake. HOWEVER, apparently I set my alarm for 7:00pm last night, and therefore did not wake up to get ready until KJ bbmed me at 7:35am making sure I was awake because she was coming to pick me up soon. Nope. I got ready in all of 10 minutes and ran out the door.

Since Hokie Camp is such a high-energy atmosphere, naturally we did not sleep or relax on the 1.5 hour bus ride out to Smith Mountain Lake. Instead, we did "speed dating" on the bus with all of the other counselors. I got to talk to a lot of awesome people though. I am so so excited for Session 2!

As you can see from the picture, we finally got our coveted color groups today at training. I am a proud member of YELLOW TRIBE!! Although I was predicting us to be Black fact, I was like 99% sure I was Black, I was so pleasantly surprised to be yellow! Yellow is such a happy color, and I know we will dominate this summer! 

I can hardly wait to be at Smith Mountain Lake in August. Camp seems like sooo much fun, and reminds me a lot of summer camps I used to attend when I was younger! I feel like just the other day I was reminiscing on my times at Sandy Hill Camp with KZ back in the day.