Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my own kind of paradise

I am so sad to report that Deebz has officially left the Terminello household and moved over to the Fish's for the rest of her stay in NOVA. We have done way more than we ever anticipated we would've accomplished so far during her stay...and we still have a few days to go!

We visited the dance team girls at tryouts (twice), went site-seeing in D.C. with Fish, made a late night Target run for patriotic goodies, made Deebz a twitter, went to Panera with Yenni and Turlz (ET's new nickname), ate delicious froyo at SweetFrog with Turlz, learned to wop (thanks Deebz), made another KSB bagel run, and topped it ALL of with a trip to Deep Creek Lake for Memorial Day weekend.

Here are some of our favorite photos and memories from the past week:


After a 2 hour metro ride to Federal Triangle (due to an unfortunate event of someone being stuck by the metro), we finally made it to D.C. to see all the necessary sites.

First we went to the Washington Monument, then the World War II Memorial, walked by the Vietnam War Memorial, stopped at the Lincoln Memorial, and finally ended the trip at the White House.

 Oh, and of course after all of that site-seeing we were pretty hungry. So we went to a little burger place (I can't believe I can't remember the name) that served popcorn as an appetizer and oreos for dessert. Perfect day in the nation's capital!


Yes, Deebz finally caved and made herself a twitter. We even figured out that she can text her tweets from her non-smart phone! Follow her @Deebz124.


Memorial Day weekend was action-packed at the Fish's lake house. There was never a dull moment with us 5 crazy girls.

We went hiking at Swallow Falls. Yes, this is the second hiking trip I have made already this summer. When did I become so outdoorsy?

We spent lots of time relaxing and tanning on the lake.

And of course we celebrated Memorial Day by eating hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck, wearing our red white and blue (or just blue and white with red bows), baking stars and stripes cupcakes, and watching fireworks courtesy of Dave.

Lastly, we went tubing on the lake. First we went on the "taco" which was safe and fun...but then came "big bertha". Now that was quite the experience.


Let's just say that "big bertha" is only meant to fit one person, but since the Fish's and Tesla are so tiny we thought maybe two of us (Deebz, Turlz, and I) could fit since Fish and Tesla could. WRONG. You can see the nervousness in my face as I was being whipped around in the tube. There was no way I was staying in that little tube as we were going over the bumpy waves.

So of course, I fell off while Deebz and I were taking our first joy ride. I was flung off the tube and was holding onto it for a good 5 seconds while I was being pulled around the lake. Don't worry I wasn't hurt, it was actually so much fun! Eventually I let go, and was trying to make it back to the boat when Deebz decided she should probably jump off the tube too. I can't even begin to describe how funny this moment was! Oh, the everlasting memories made at our lake weekend.

Now it is back to the grind. I had my first day back at work today. I worked a 10 hour day from 10-8. Oh well, hopefully I will get to have a few more fun adventures with Deebz and friends before she heads back to Florida. I can't believe it is already June too! Time flies when you're having fun. #hashtagthat

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