Monday, May 23, 2011

this is where i come from

Since I have a little down time before I head over to KZ's to watch The Bachelorette season premiere (so excited), it appears to be the PERFECT time to catch you all up on what Deebs and Stean have been up to these past few days. We have already tackled a lot of the things on our list...and even added a few more!

On Friday we went to Fair Oak with Yenni (aka Jenni). We ate lunch at Corner Bakery and shopped around for hours. The real struggle was trying to find Yenni's car at the end of the shopping trip.

After a fun afternoon at the mall, we went to Mikey's Junior Prom group pictures. So much reminiscing on our high school days! Miss it...sometimes.

While Mike was at Prom, Deebs and I made s'mores bars! By far one of the best creations we have ever made. We had ET, KW, and KZ over to enjoy the treats. And my Mom and her friend gathered around the table with us too for a girls night full of gossip and laughs.

On Sunday Deebs, ET, and I decided to have a wilderness day at Great Falls Park. We packed picnic lunches and hiked the trails all afternoon. We took tons of outdoorsy pictures with all of the forestry and the falls.

It is safe to say that the day outdoors wore us out! So for dinner we brought in a family of 6 meal from Boston Market. Then JJ and KZ came over to watch Despicable Me (which none of us had seen). It was such a cute movie by the way...I definitely recommend it.

Today Deebs and I got a late start to the day. I had a dentist appointment in the morning, and came home to Deebs still asleep in my bed. So I woke her up, "rise and shine". Then we went out to Vienna for lunch at Noodles and Co. I cannot get enough of that place!

After lunch we went to Tysons for another day of shopping. The weather called for "strong thunderstorms" during the day so we skipped out on a DC/Georgetown trip. Too bad there has barely been a drop of rain! But we had a great time window shopping at the hundreds of stores in Tysons. We even met up with Maxie and Alexandra!

Well, I hope you enjoy this play-by-play of our NOVA adventures. My life has been so much more interesting since Deebs has arrived in NOVA. Thank goodness for my best friend!!


  1. Your adventures sound like a great time! Plus, they're always better with a friend in tow! xoxo

  2. The s'mores bars looks so yummy! I will have to try them sometime. Your little outings are making me so jealous, but luckily I get to visit NOVA in about two and a half weeks. I can't wait to do these things with my best friend. I can hear Georgetown calling me name already :)
    Keep having fun!

  3. You never cease to amaze me Ms. Terminello, you are an aspiration to a developing blogger like me...