Sunday, May 15, 2011

until we find a cure

Yesterday KZ and I joined KW and the Wiley's at the Relay For Life of Reston. When KW asked KZ and I if we wanted to come with her we were pumped! Relay For Life is such an amazing event, and I was so happy I could take part in the local R4L with my best friends.

The three of us had a great time walking the track at South Lakes HS, eating snow cones and cupcakes, signing up for raffles, and shakin' it at Zumba! It was a great afternoon (despite the rainy and cloudy weather). But what is Relay For Life without rain, right?

It was perfect timing for a Relay considering my Papa Don just had surgery on Thursday to remove a tumor caused by lung cancer. My Mom has been down in Florida with Angel and P.D. since Wednesday, and she says that he is doing very well! So yesterday I relayed in honor of Papa Don and KW's Aunt. Keep fighting!

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. RELAY FOR LIFE.


  1. i'm not even sure what else sarah has better to do than blog?! let's be honest. and brittany too!! did you know she has a blog now?? :)

    I'm so happy to see RFL pictures! Makes me excited for next year!

  2. ahhhhh no i didn't know brittany had a blog! about to go find that RIGHT NOW. blogging is on FIIIIRE