Friday, May 13, 2011

lazy days

It's now Friday. I have only been home since Tuesday evening, but it feels like I have literally been here for weeks. I guess I shouldn't really complain because come June I will be working practically every day. But for right now, having nothing to do is really getting to me.

Each day I have an errand to run here and there, and then of course more unpacking. Usually I am one to unpack all of my belongings the day I get home, but since I am in no rush this year I have done about 2 hours of unpacking each day. It gives me something to do, so I figure I should spread it out.

Last night, KW, KZ, JJ, and I were reunited for the first time since winter break. I love that we can always come home during the breaks and just pick up where we left off. I am so lucky to have such great friends both at Virginia Tech and in NOVA. Since the 4 of us are all poor for the time being, we stayed in and made a homemade pizza, rented some movies from Redbox, and ate ice cream. It was a very fun and relaxing night.

Today I had a few errands to run, including: going into work to fill out some employment forms, getting Danny's friend a birthday gift (GameStop giftcard...exciting!), filling the car up with gas, and taking Mike tux shopping with his prom date. Being home sometimes makes me feel like I am still in high school, but going prom shopping for Mike made me realize that I really am pretty old.

As for tonight, I have nothing to do. Mom is in Florida, Dad is at work, Mike is at a friend's house, and Dan is at a sleepover birthday party...where does that leave me? Sitting on the couch, blogging. Hopefully I will get to see ET at some point tonight! If not, I guess I will retire to my bedroom sometime soon.

Oh, the lazy days of summer...

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  1. OMG mikey!! hahaha wow were old!