Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my own kind of paradise

I am so sad to report that Deebz has officially left the Terminello household and moved over to the Fish's for the rest of her stay in NOVA. We have done way more than we ever anticipated we would've accomplished so far during her stay...and we still have a few days to go!

We visited the dance team girls at tryouts (twice), went site-seeing in D.C. with Fish, made a late night Target run for patriotic goodies, made Deebz a twitter, went to Panera with Yenni and Turlz (ET's new nickname), ate delicious froyo at SweetFrog with Turlz, learned to wop (thanks Deebz), made another KSB bagel run, and topped it ALL of with a trip to Deep Creek Lake for Memorial Day weekend.

Here are some of our favorite photos and memories from the past week:


After a 2 hour metro ride to Federal Triangle (due to an unfortunate event of someone being stuck by the metro), we finally made it to D.C. to see all the necessary sites.

First we went to the Washington Monument, then the World War II Memorial, walked by the Vietnam War Memorial, stopped at the Lincoln Memorial, and finally ended the trip at the White House.

 Oh, and of course after all of that site-seeing we were pretty hungry. So we went to a little burger place (I can't believe I can't remember the name) that served popcorn as an appetizer and oreos for dessert. Perfect day in the nation's capital!


Yes, Deebz finally caved and made herself a twitter. We even figured out that she can text her tweets from her non-smart phone! Follow her @Deebz124.


Memorial Day weekend was action-packed at the Fish's lake house. There was never a dull moment with us 5 crazy girls.

We went hiking at Swallow Falls. Yes, this is the second hiking trip I have made already this summer. When did I become so outdoorsy?

We spent lots of time relaxing and tanning on the lake.

And of course we celebrated Memorial Day by eating hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck, wearing our red white and blue (or just blue and white with red bows), baking stars and stripes cupcakes, and watching fireworks courtesy of Dave.

Lastly, we went tubing on the lake. First we went on the "taco" which was safe and fun...but then came "big bertha". Now that was quite the experience.


Let's just say that "big bertha" is only meant to fit one person, but since the Fish's and Tesla are so tiny we thought maybe two of us (Deebz, Turlz, and I) could fit since Fish and Tesla could. WRONG. You can see the nervousness in my face as I was being whipped around in the tube. There was no way I was staying in that little tube as we were going over the bumpy waves.

So of course, I fell off while Deebz and I were taking our first joy ride. I was flung off the tube and was holding onto it for a good 5 seconds while I was being pulled around the lake. Don't worry I wasn't hurt, it was actually so much fun! Eventually I let go, and was trying to make it back to the boat when Deebz decided she should probably jump off the tube too. I can't even begin to describe how funny this moment was! Oh, the everlasting memories made at our lake weekend.

Now it is back to the grind. I had my first day back at work today. I worked a 10 hour day from 10-8. Oh well, hopefully I will get to have a few more fun adventures with Deebz and friends before she heads back to Florida. I can't believe it is already June too! Time flies when you're having fun. #hashtagthat

Friday, May 27, 2011

to the lake...

Tomorrow I am headed to Deep Creek Lake with Deebz, ET, Fish, and Tesla. It is going to be the perfect getaway for Memorial Day weekend. We have lots of patriotic activities planned and lots of time for soaking up the sun and relaxation.

I will be back to blogging on Monday or Tuesday to report on my lake weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

this is where i come from

Since I have a little down time before I head over to KZ's to watch The Bachelorette season premiere (so excited), it appears to be the PERFECT time to catch you all up on what Deebs and Stean have been up to these past few days. We have already tackled a lot of the things on our list...and even added a few more!

On Friday we went to Fair Oak with Yenni (aka Jenni). We ate lunch at Corner Bakery and shopped around for hours. The real struggle was trying to find Yenni's car at the end of the shopping trip.

After a fun afternoon at the mall, we went to Mikey's Junior Prom group pictures. So much reminiscing on our high school days! Miss it...sometimes.

While Mike was at Prom, Deebs and I made s'mores bars! By far one of the best creations we have ever made. We had ET, KW, and KZ over to enjoy the treats. And my Mom and her friend gathered around the table with us too for a girls night full of gossip and laughs.

On Sunday Deebs, ET, and I decided to have a wilderness day at Great Falls Park. We packed picnic lunches and hiked the trails all afternoon. We took tons of outdoorsy pictures with all of the forestry and the falls.

It is safe to say that the day outdoors wore us out! So for dinner we brought in a family of 6 meal from Boston Market. Then JJ and KZ came over to watch Despicable Me (which none of us had seen). It was such a cute movie by the way...I definitely recommend it.

Today Deebs and I got a late start to the day. I had a dentist appointment in the morning, and came home to Deebs still asleep in my bed. So I woke her up, "rise and shine". Then we went out to Vienna for lunch at Noodles and Co. I cannot get enough of that place!

After lunch we went to Tysons for another day of shopping. The weather called for "strong thunderstorms" during the day so we skipped out on a DC/Georgetown trip. Too bad there has barely been a drop of rain! But we had a great time window shopping at the hundreds of stores in Tysons. We even met up with Maxie and Alexandra!

Well, I hope you enjoy this play-by-play of our NOVA adventures. My life has been so much more interesting since Deebs has arrived in NOVA. Thank goodness for my best friend!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the list

Well it seems that this weekend has gotten the best of me and my blogging. Deebs and I have already been very busy making our way through NOVA, and by the end of each day I am already too tired to get onto the computer to blog about it. Here is the list we have composed for our adventures (so far):

-Fair Oaks with Yenni (check)
-Prom pictures for Mikey (check)
-Bake s'mores bars (check)
-See Bridesmaids (check for Deebs)
-National Zoo in DC
-Dance Team tryouts 
-Lake House with Fish
-Water Country USA
-Georgetown (Cupcakes)
-Great Falls hike
-Mini Golf
-KSB (check for Deebs)
-CPK (check for Deebs)
-On the Border
-Noodles and Co.
-Glory Days
-Rio Grande

Since Deebs and I are taking turns taking the pictures, I only have prom pics to show as of right now. But by the end of the week hopefully I can fill you all in on the rest of our adventures! Today we are hoping to knock another adventure off our list. Is there anything else any of you have done or want to do in the DC area? We are open to more exciting ideas!!

Here are some prom pics to hold you over until next time...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

countdown: 12 hours

In just 12 short hours my best friend Deebz will be arriving from Tampa, Florida! ET and I will be going to pick her up from Dulles Airport around midnight. It kinda feels like just yesterday ET, Fish, and I were picking her up for her winter break visit from Dulles. That was quite the adventure, so we will see what tonight brings.

Deebz and I always have SO MUCH FUN when we are together in NOVA. I can guarantee you that one of the first things we do will be to make a bucket list for the 2 weeks she is here. This will include places to eat, people to see, things to do, recipes to bake, etc. Once we compose this master list I will be sure to post it here for you all to read. We never totally complete the bucket list, but we are usually pretty darn close!

I am sure we will have some blog-worthy and TONS of picture-worthy adventures over the next few weeks. I just cannot wait to be reunited with my Deebz!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i'm just beautiful me

Since my Mom has come home (finally) from her trip to Florida, I'm noticing that I am much more relaxed and getting into my summer-mode. Today Mom and I went on a shopping extravaganza. We were on the hunt for khaki shorts for Orientation.

Because I am going to need to wear a pair of khaki shorts Mon-Fri for 3 weeks, Mom insists that I have 5 pairs. We shopped just about every store that would possibly carry khaki shorts: Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, T.J.Maxx, American Eagle, The Limited, Express, and Macy's. I found 2 pairs of shorts that I liked (and in my size), and both were from Old Navy! I got both the 5" inseam and the bermuda shorts. Trying to keep it diverse so I don't get totally bored wearing the same thing everyday. 2 down...3 to go!

While we were looking for khaki shorts in Nordstrom Rack, we got a little sidetracked and ended up looking at the dresses. We found the perfect red dress for Alpha Phi's Red Dress Gala in September. A few ladies in the dressing room even complimented me as I was trying it on! It is so cute and classy, and I can't wait to wear it in the fall.

Tonight I drove out to Alexandria with Mike for the Regional opener for OHS BLAX. Mike is still out due to his ACL surgery (he's the stud taking stats in the picture) but I love lacrosse, so I was willing to make the 30-40 minute drive to watch what could have been the boys' last game.

I was glad that I recognized a few parents and families in the stands to sit with and talk to during the game. It was a beautiful day for lacrosse and the Cougars pulled a big win against Edison 10-7. There will be another game on Thursday against Langley, you can bet I will be there as well! Hopefully I am the Cougars' good luck charm and they can pull off a HUGE upset against Langley on Thursday...we'll see about that one.

Side-note: I am absolutely loving Selena Gomez's new song, "Who Says". I can already tell it is going to be the soundtrack of my summer. Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

until we find a cure

Yesterday KZ and I joined KW and the Wiley's at the Relay For Life of Reston. When KW asked KZ and I if we wanted to come with her we were pumped! Relay For Life is such an amazing event, and I was so happy I could take part in the local R4L with my best friends.

The three of us had a great time walking the track at South Lakes HS, eating snow cones and cupcakes, signing up for raffles, and shakin' it at Zumba! It was a great afternoon (despite the rainy and cloudy weather). But what is Relay For Life without rain, right?

It was perfect timing for a Relay considering my Papa Don just had surgery on Thursday to remove a tumor caused by lung cancer. My Mom has been down in Florida with Angel and P.D. since Wednesday, and she says that he is doing very well! So yesterday I relayed in honor of Papa Don and KW's Aunt. Keep fighting!

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. RELAY FOR LIFE.

Friday, May 13, 2011

lazy days

It's now Friday. I have only been home since Tuesday evening, but it feels like I have literally been here for weeks. I guess I shouldn't really complain because come June I will be working practically every day. But for right now, having nothing to do is really getting to me.

Each day I have an errand to run here and there, and then of course more unpacking. Usually I am one to unpack all of my belongings the day I get home, but since I am in no rush this year I have done about 2 hours of unpacking each day. It gives me something to do, so I figure I should spread it out.

Last night, KW, KZ, JJ, and I were reunited for the first time since winter break. I love that we can always come home during the breaks and just pick up where we left off. I am so lucky to have such great friends both at Virginia Tech and in NOVA. Since the 4 of us are all poor for the time being, we stayed in and made a homemade pizza, rented some movies from Redbox, and ate ice cream. It was a very fun and relaxing night.

Today I had a few errands to run, including: going into work to fill out some employment forms, getting Danny's friend a birthday gift (GameStop giftcard...exciting!), filling the car up with gas, and taking Mike tux shopping with his prom date. Being home sometimes makes me feel like I am still in high school, but going prom shopping for Mike made me realize that I really am pretty old.

As for tonight, I have nothing to do. Mom is in Florida, Dad is at work, Mike is at a friend's house, and Dan is at a sleepover birthday party...where does that leave me? Sitting on the couch, blogging. Hopefully I will get to see ET at some point tonight! If not, I guess I will retire to my bedroom sometime soon.

Oh, the lazy days of summer...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have only been home for one full day, and I am already loving being back in NOVA. I forgot how much I love this place!

I love my hot pink room (even though it is buried under piles and piles of clothes I am trying to put away). I love getting to see my best friends, especially the fab4. I love babysitting for families I have been babysitting since I was 13. I love driving with the windows down while taking Danny to his basketball practice. I love how gas prices are over $4.00...oh wait.

Bring on the summer! I can't wait to record my crazy NOVA adventures with all of you (until July 3 when I head back to Blacksburg for Orientation). But don't worry, I will do my best to blog during OL as well.

P.S. I made a twitter last night...follow me @CATinthehat726. I'm already addicted. Hope it doesn't take away from my blogging!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful, loving, giving, and beautiful Mommy!! Remember when we used to sing this song to all the Moms on Mother's Day at St. Pets?

Well, here are just a few reasons why my Mom is #1:

1. She is always willing to drop everything to go shopping with me

2. She reminds me that sometimes even I need a vacation

3. She loves all holidays 
(and is the BEST Santa and Easter Bunny)

 4. She loves to snuggle with me

4. She has supported me in all of my crazy dreams and aspirations
(and came to dance team nationals every year)

5. She has hosted every birthday party for me that I can remember

6. She bought every homecoming and prom dress for me 
(so I could avoid the stress of having to pick one out myself)

 6. She watched me grow from an Oakton Cougar...

...into a Virginia Tech Hokie.

7. Now, she is the best Hokie Mom!

So here's to you, Mom, my #1 fan! I love you.