Sunday, May 22, 2011

the list

Well it seems that this weekend has gotten the best of me and my blogging. Deebs and I have already been very busy making our way through NOVA, and by the end of each day I am already too tired to get onto the computer to blog about it. Here is the list we have composed for our adventures (so far):

-Fair Oaks with Yenni (check)
-Prom pictures for Mikey (check)
-Bake s'mores bars (check)
-See Bridesmaids (check for Deebs)
-National Zoo in DC
-Dance Team tryouts 
-Lake House with Fish
-Water Country USA
-Georgetown (Cupcakes)
-Great Falls hike
-Mini Golf
-KSB (check for Deebs)
-CPK (check for Deebs)
-On the Border
-Noodles and Co.
-Glory Days
-Rio Grande

Since Deebs and I are taking turns taking the pictures, I only have prom pics to show as of right now. But by the end of the week hopefully I can fill you all in on the rest of our adventures! Today we are hoping to knock another adventure off our list. Is there anything else any of you have done or want to do in the DC area? We are open to more exciting ideas!!

Here are some prom pics to hold you over until next time...

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  1. I love On The Border & Noodles and Co.!!! So jealous.