Thursday, March 1, 2012

2OL2 team reveal

It feels like just yesterday I was an Orientation Leader running around campus trying to find my OA and team! I still can hardly believe I am on the other side of it now. As an Orientation Assistant, one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences is building your team of OLs to become a family.

Yesterday we had 2OL2 team reveal! One by one, the OLs came to my stop of the scavenger hunt in Cassell. I don't know HOW I got so lucky but I ended up with the best team I could ever ask for!! First came Pete, then Kyle Donovan, then Alex, and finally De'Ashley. I love them all so much already!

After uniting and bonding for a little bit, we brainstormed team names, mottos, goals, etc. So far we have our motto "GAME ON!" but are still working on the team name. As far as goals go, we have a lot in store for the rest of training and this summer. With this team, I know it is going to be the best summer yet! Here's to you, Team Christine!

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