Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today was a BIG day!! It was team reveal for the Orientation Leaders and Orientation Assistants of OL XI.

All 24 OLs were sent on a scavenger hunt around campus to find their OA. We had six clues that described buildings where each OA was located. And the clues were NOT easy! In fact, some people (Erica) even got lost along the way. Once we got to the correct building, we had to find the OA, open an envelope with our name on it, and inside was either a note that said "Sorry! This is not your OA. Onto the next clue...." or "CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to your Orientation Team!"

The first building I was sent to was McComas, where Amanda was waiting with her envelopes. I quickly opened mine up and the note said...

So I was off to the next building, which was Wallace Hall. Jen was waiting there. When I got to her I took the envelope and opened it, and the note said....

YAY!!! I was the first person to arrive on Jen's team. We jumped and screamed and hugged and anxiously awaited for the rest of our team members to arrive. One by one came Tanaka, then Matt, and then Carly! WHAT A STACKED TEAM!!! Naturally the first thing we did was group hug, and then take a team picture! The first of oh so many...

I love you Team _______ (still working on our team name). As Jen says, "the name will come with time".

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  1. LOVEEEE the new layout :)))) I'm so happy for ya biggie your team looks amazing!!!