Friday, March 16, 2012

whirlwind of a week

Wow! This week has been a serious reality check coming from last week's agenda consisting of relaxation, family, friends, and suntans. It's hard to believe that Spring Break was only 5 days ago, when it feels like I have been back in Blacksburg for at least a month. This week was the start of the Marketing campaign for Class of 2013 Ring Dance. As Marketing Co-Chairs for our class, Kelly and I have been running around like crazy people making sure all the necessary marketing channels and strategies were upheld. I don't think a took a minute to breathe all day Monday or Tuesday.

On top of Ring Dance duties, throw in an exam, Alpha Phi initiation ceremonies, Relay For Life 10 for 10, about 3 meetings each night, and there you have it. That was my week. I had some good days, and quite a few bad days. But on Tuesday I found this quote on Pinterest that has inspired me this whole week...

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