Thursday, March 29, 2012

OLXI to 2OL2

Yesterday 2OL2 met at Burruss instead of going to New Hall West for a typical Wednesday night of training. We took the picture that will go on the "Welcome to Virginia Tech" posters that hang all over Blacksburg.

Along with the group picture, we took a lot of fun team shots too. I love my team so much! They are just wonderful.

After hours of taking pictures on the steps of Burruss, we headed over to the Pylons to "take more pictures". Little did 2OL2 know, OLXI was coming to pass the torch by giving the new OLs their Omega Lambda tshirts.

We went to the bottom of the Pylons overlooking the Drillfield. I took a picture of 2OL2 while OLXI lined up behind them with their tshirts. After I snapped a few pictures, I had 2OL2 turn around to "take a picture facing the other way" and...SURPRISE!!!

OLXI has officially passed the torch to 2OL2. I feel so lucky to get to be a part of both of these awesome groups of student leaders. I love and miss OLXI so much, but now it's 2OL2's time. GAME ON!

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