Sunday, February 26, 2012

it's aphiesta!

What a weekend!! On Saturday, the Power Fam welcomed our newest addition, Emily Craft! She is absolutely perfect for our family and for my little (even as a blonde). I can't believe I am a GBIG now. This was definitely a time "you know you're getting old when..."

The way Alpha Phi does Big Sis Rev is the best! All of the families wrap their cars in wrapping paper (or newspaper) and hide in them. The little ones receive the key to the family's car wrapped in matching wrapping paper. They are let loose into the Oak Lane parking lot a midst horns honking and families screaming.

Once they finally find their matching car, they open the car door and the littles are united with their bigs for the first time after a week of clues and baskets! So much excitement!!

After reveal, our family went to Lefty's for brunch. We bonded over eggs and pancakes, and talked about details for the coming night...APHIESTA!

Aphiesta is our biggest date party of the year. All of the families are together for the first time, and there is just so much tradition revolving families. This year the pregame was at Anna's house. Our family, along with 3 or 4 other families, had a great time before heading to 622 North for the date party. We danced the night away and enjoyed each other's company...and the rest is history!

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