Saturday, March 3, 2012

my 10 year-old self

Being home for Spring Break (or any other holiday) always forces me to reminisce on my childhood. Today, Mom and I got carried away talking about our life in Illinois, our neighbors who are now getting married, and everything about the good old days.

I moved to Northern Virginia when I was 10 years-old. That is 10 years ago! I have now lived half of my life in each state. While talking about my 10 year-old self, I remembered I conversation I had in an interview a few weeks ago.

While interviewing for PRISM, Pamplin Re-Inventing Social Media, I was asked the question, "what would your 10-year old self say to you now?" I had never been asked a question like that before. I thought about it for a minute or two, since I was on the spot during the interview, and responded by saying "don't take yourself too seriously."

I honestly don't think my 10 year-old self could have given me better advice. It is so easy to lose sight of the little joys in life that children thrive on every day. I remember leaving my interview, stunned just thinking about that question. I wanted to blog about it, but I guess it somehow slipped my mind. Thanks to Mom for reminding me of my childhood. It doesn't hurt to look back on how you were raised every once in awhile.

What would your 10 year-old self say to you now? Think about it.

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