Wednesday, March 28, 2012

an evening frozen in time

This past weekend, Ring Weekend, was a culmination of years of hard work not only as a member of Leadership Team, but as a Hokie. Our Class of 2013 adviser, Laura Wedin, summarized our accomplishments beautifully in the following passage...

"From the ice sculpture hour-glass to the curvy-truss hung with icicle lights to the giant and ever-awesome 2013 logo, your Dance was so much fun! So many traditions were carried on at your event - the ribbons, the ceremony and ring-figure, a surprise engagement (just like the video!), balloon drop, fireworks, and even the pig. Only at Virginia Tech….and I mean, ONLY at Virginia Tech is there an event like ours! At no other university is there an event to celebrate the ring and your Junior status quite like ours. And even with all the tradition constants, there will never be a dance like your event. Each unique and 'frozen in time'."

On Thursday, the Class of 2013 hosted a hypnotist show in Squires Student Center. It was absolutely hilarious, and a great way to kick-start Ring Weekend!

The next day my parents flew into town for Ring Banquet. We ate a fabulous dinner, watched a Ribbon Through Time, and enjoyed spending time with family and friends of the Leadership Team.

I was so glad my parents were able to come out to see where all of my hard work as Marketing Co-Chair had been going to over the past few months. Now they fully understand the Ring Tradition (my favorite tradition) at Virginia Tech.

Finally, Saturday rolled around. I woke up and started my day by going to Tivon to get my hair done. I brought in two pictures from Pinterest of hairstyles that I wanted to combine. Kendra did exactly what I wanted and it turned out to be perfect! Then I drove out to the New River Valley Mall to get my makeup done at Clinique. I loved seeing other Hokies at the mall getting their hair and makeup done for Ring Dance.

Once I was fully pampered, I headed back to the Alpha Phi house to put on my white dress. I felt like a princess, and continued to feel that way for the entirety of the night. Kyle and I headed over to Squires around 6 for a pre-dance banquet held for Leadership Team. We took lots of pictures and ate some delicious appetizers. 8 o'clock rolled around and before we knew it the Class of 2013 was starting to arrive in the ballroom.

We danced the night away and I know I speak for all juniors when I say our Ring Dance was magical! I could not have asked for a better night, or ending to the night. The last song was "Call Me Maybe" and I had the dance floor pretty much to myself because people were heading to coat check. Running around in a long dress is definitely not my forte. As I ran for the center of the dance floor, I stepped on the end of my dress and wiped out!! I will never forget it. But "Call Me Maybe" was on, so I obviously picked myself right up to continue dancing with my favorite OLs and Leadership Team-ers.

Finally, we walked out to the Pylons to watch the fireworks over the Drillfield. It was the perfect ending to an entirely too perfect weekend! It's moments like these that I know I will never forget. You Only Ring Dance Once. YORDO.


  1. The entire evening looks like it was SO wonderful! I love your gorgeous dress, as well as your ring! I laughed at your wiping out story because that is the story of my life... :)

  2. What an amazing night you had! You look gorgeous!

  3. You look so wonderful! I love that dress!