Saturday, April 7, 2012

pit stop at JMU

Whenever I drive from NOVA to Blacksburg or Blacksburg to NOVA I always stop halfway at JMU. I stop at the same Salad Creations or Subway, which are located right under KZ's apartment complex. Of all the times I have stopped at JMU, I have yet to see my bff or her apartment.

Earlier in the week, KZ asked Kelsey (who goes to UVA) and I to make a pit stop at her place for the night while driving home for Easter. So we both went on Thursday night! It was so great to finally spend a night with my best friends at JMU. We haven't all been together since Winter Break, believe it or not. So we made dinner, brownies, and watched a movie that night and then woke up early the next morning for breakfast at The Little Grill in Harrsionburg. Then we all hit the road for home.

It is so wonderful to be back at home for Easter. Last year my family came to Blacksburg for Easter weekend, but it just wasn't the same as being home sweet home. I look forward to enjoying my short weekend here before heading back to Blacksburg to finish off my junior year. Happy Easter everyone!

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