Wednesday, January 4, 2012

shear madness

One of my favorite parts of coming home to Northern Virginia for breaks is taking advantage of all that the area has to offer. Now that my friends and I are "older" we have greater appreciation for our hometown. I love discovering fun and exciting things to do! It is so hard to believe that all we did in high school was complain that "there is nothing to do here".

The other night, Katie, Kelsey, and I went to the Kennedy Center to see "Shear Madness". It was a comedy whodunit where the audience gets to catch the killer. None of us had ever seen a show like this, so we drove out to DC for the evening. It was a blast!

After the show we came back to my house to enjoy homemade ice cream cone cannolis (found the recipe off pinterest). Delicious. What a fabulous evening with fabulous friends!

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  1. Those look delicious! I may have to go search that recipe!