Friday, January 6, 2012

oh, how they come and go

Over the course of my three-week long winter break not only did I get to see my friends from high school and friends from VT whom I typically see on a trip back to NOVA. But it had been TWO YEARS since I had seen some particular friends. These particular friends served missions for the past two years: Ryan was in Australia, Josh was in Utah, and Roy was in South Africa.

two years ago

two years later

While Deebz was here we went to Ryan's welcome back party at his house to see all the boys for the first time in quite some time. I guess it's easy to talk to people you have barely spoken (or written) to for a few years because that night we ended up at Roy's house playing poker and chatting until about 4am! And the best part was like they never left!

On Deebz' last night in NOVA we went on what Roy called a "farewell tour". First we went to Tesla's, then Erin's, then back to my house, then Taco Bell, and finally Roy's to hang out with him and Tanner. Together, we successfully stayed out until 6am...definitely felt that one in the morning! Oh well, these are the times we will always remember.

And then it came time for all the boys to head back to BYU. Luckily, Erin and I got to see Roy and Tanner one last time before they left, and Ryan is still around so I got smoothies with him the today! It all happens so fast. They leave for 2 years (which fly by), come home and we play catch-up, and before we know it we all go back to school. Luckily it will be easier to keep in touch now, and that's 3 less pen-pals for me!

SIDE NOTE: I received an amazing surprise on my doorstep on New Years Eve. My Mom texted me while I was at work saying I got a package in the mail...from JAMES!! I was seriously in shock and couldn't wait to get home. I had yet to receive a package from Elder Wheatley since he's been in Portugal.

I got an authentic Portugal scarf, a half-mug to put on my desk, a Chinese calendar in Portuguese (so I can "cross off the days" until he returns in December), and tons of precious pictures with a letter to top it off. I don't think I could have asked for a better ending to 2011. Thank you James, only one more year until we can play catch-up like I did with the 3 boys this winter break!


  1. I love the package from James! That's so cool

  2. How fun!!! Have a great semester Christine!

  3. I have the turquoise floral top! Your friends got you some great stuff!