Tuesday, March 8, 2011

nice try

This year I am spending spring break in the lovely vaca hot spot called NOVA. I know, so exotic! With that said, my partner in crime, Kelsey Wiley, and I decided we were going to put together some adventures to make our spring break a little more exciting.

On Sunday we were planning on making a DC and Georgetown trip. But it was raining...or monsoon-ing really. Nice try CT and KW.

So we decided to make a fun indoors day that included trips to Michael's and Target, baking, homemade pizzas, redbox, and crafting.

We started off by going to Michael's to return some stuff KW didn't need, and get some other critical crafting supplies for the DZ lit. We walked aimlessly around Michael's for about an hour. Clearly our priorities were to chit chat and catch up over searching for paint and stickers. Nice try CT and KW.

Next we went to Michael's to look for some book that KW needed. Naturally they didn't have it...or anything else we needed. Nice try CT and KW.

Then we went to Giant. This trip was even worse than the Michael's and the Target trips combined. We had to get the ingredients to make homemade pizzas and the ingredients to make KW's roommate's famous cookies.

We literally could not find ANYTHING we needed in the Franklin Farm Giant. The hardest thing of all to find was "dried cherries". After asking about 3 Giant employees, we finally found them in the produce section. However, after looking them over for awhile we somehow reasoned that getting the Ocean Spray Craisins that were "cherry infused" instead of the Ocean Spray Dried Cherries was the best idea. Nice try CT and KW.

When we got back to KW's house we started baking the cookies.

We were kind of making a mess so the demon dog, Kylee Wiley, starting licking everything off the floor. And since we were standing right where the mess was, Kylee was biting our feet! OUCH!

After putting all the ingredients together, KW and I ate about half of the cookie dough instead of putting it in the oven to make cookies. Can you say stomach ache? Nice try CT and KW.

Then Sarah Webster (aka Webkins) stopped by for a little bit while we were making our pizzas. Luckily since KW and I have made pizzas so many times, we couldn't mess those up. Phew, things were finally starting to look up for us!

Once our pizzas were ready, we brought them and the cookies downstairs and popped in Burlesque. It was an interesting movie. Not good, but not bad. Nice try CT and KW.

After the movie was over, we realized we hadn't done ANY crafting. Oops! So we sat down and painted lots and lots of things. I think they turned out pretty well. It was a positive way to end our less than "blog worthy" day. 

But to top it all off, as I was leaving Kelsey's for the night, I looked outside and it was SNOWING. Really NOVA! Is this what you give us for spring break? 

Stay tuned for more CT and KW spring break adventures...hopefully more eventful ones!!

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  1. YOUU ate half the cookie dough hahah..more adventures to come :)