Monday, March 28, 2011


Well now that I have written a BORING leadership blog post about Ring Weekend, I figure it is only fair to write a CAT's meow reader-friendly one. I apologize for my lack of blogging during the past week. My life was 100% devoted to 2012's Ring Banquet and Ring Dance. I breathed, ate, slept, and lived Ring Dance all week long. Literally. I put my schoolwork and social life aside to be at Squires Collonial Ballroom during every free and waking moment.

During the week, the 2013 Leadership Team bonded so so much. We are now a REAL team! From unloading trucks, to sawing wood, to meticulously decorating masks, to non-stop junk food intake, to late night Walmart runs for was certainly an eventful week with an amazing group of 2013-ers. It is safe to say I am already experiencing L-Team withdrawal.

After countless hours of dedication, I am proud to say that the weekend was a HUGE success! Ring Banquet went very smoothly and Ring Dance was...well, a busier night and definitely a learning experience.

I don't have any pictures from the hectic week, but here are a few gems from the weekend.

traditions unveiled

lots of laughs along the way

my OFFICIAL 2013 nametag

the ring

2013 ladies

marketing co-chairs


It is so hard to believe that it's all over. Now it is our turn to start making plans for our Ring Weekend. 2013 style!


  1. this post was wayyyyy more interesting ;)

  2. here's a second're really good at marketing!

  3. third comment... im your #1 fan!!!!!!

  4. LOVE the offic nametag!!!