Thursday, March 31, 2011

just workin' on my fitness

One of my many Lenten missions this year is to make working out a larger part of my weekly routine. 3 trips to the gym per week is my goal. It doesn't sounds like much, but it is just right for me!

To motivate myself, I have "Gym Time: 1 2 3" written at the top of each week in my planner. Every time I make a trip to the gym I put an X through each number, starting with 3 to make it like a countdown. There is nothing I love more than crossing things out that I have successfully completed in my planner!

My new Nike sneaks that Daddy got me for Christmas give me even more incentive to go to the gym! I love getting to show off these bad boys to all the people working out at McComas.

So far I have been doing great, and feeling great! It's so easy to forget how important it is to stay fit when you are a busy college student. Going to the gym at the end of an action-packed day is a GREAT stress reliever, and I hope I will be able to keep it up...even once Lent and Easter are over.

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