Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm feelin' it

Well, I am back with more NOVA spring break adventures. KW and I were waiting for the perfect day to make a Georgetown trip, and oh did we pick the perfect day. Thursday. Weather forecast: rain, rain, rain, with a chance of mudslides and flooding. There was no turning back now, so we started out the day right at 10am.

We took a pre-adventure pic before heading out, and I assured KW that "I was feelin' it." This was going to be a great day!

First things first, and that was the metro. So we drove out to the Vienna metro. Every single entrance to the metro had signs saying the lot was full. This had never happened to either one of us so we had no idea what to do. We continued to drive around for awhile, and I finally saw a man in a metro SUV, so I asked him if there were any open lots. He said we needed to drive out to the Dunn Loring metro station because Vienna was full. Really?

So we drove down Lee Highway to get to Dunn Loring. Luckily there were no signs at any of their parking entrances. We roamed around looking for a spot, and couldn't find anything, again! So we asked a random man that was walking in the parking lot who looked like he maybe worked for the metro. He definitely didn't. We asked him if he knew if this lot was full. And his response was, "you goin' to immigration." Ummmm no, just the metro actually. I guess we looked foreign? So we just continued to drive around and finally found a spot in the corner of the lot. Already quite the adventure.

Once we got out of the car (finally) we zipped up our raincoats, opened our umbrellas, and headed to the metro station. We had never been to the Dunn Loring station before, so we had a hard time finding where the metro was at first. Luckily, there was a businessman who looked like he was heading in that direction, so we decided to follow him.

After getting on the metro, we had 8 stops until Foggy Bottom where we had to get off. I don't know what it is about the metro but I always get so sleepy when I ride it. We were so pumped driving to the station that morning, but KW and I were dozing off as we rode the metro to DC.

Once we heard that Foggy Bottom was the next stop, we perked back up and were ready to get off and face the weather to get to Georgetown. It is supposedly a 15 minute walk to get from the metro station to the shops and restaurants of Georgetown. For whatever reason, the walk only felt like it took 2 minutes! KW and I were definitely prepared for and expecting the worst. But so far, our trek to Georgetown had been painless! We observed a mudslide and a few puddles along the way, but nothing unbearable by any means. 


And things continued to work out well for us throughout the duration of the day!

We met up with Audrey at La Madeline for lunch. We all got stuffed french toast (because it was $5 and we are sooo cheap). But it was delish! It didn't quite fill me up though, so I went over to the drink station, and to my surprise there was free bread, butter, and jam! Perfect. I am all about the free food!

After lunch, the 3 of us "shopped" around the stores of Georgetown. We went in Cusp, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, H&M, Anthropologie, and other stores. Everything we saw was wayyy out of our price limit, but it was fun to look. 

We also went into the Georgetown Mall, in hopes of going to the National Pinball Museum that Audrey had heard about. We walked in, and the man working at the museum asked us what we were doing. We said that we were just going to take a look around. He politely responded, "in order to go in, you need to pay admission." Oops! We thanked him and left. 

Next stop: Georgetown Cupcake! The real reason we made a trip to Georgetown on this miserable Thursday afternoon. Along the way, we ran into some fake cupcake shops including Georgetown Scoops and Sprinkles.

But we were going for the real deal. I was so prepared to stand in line for at least 20 minutes, in the rain, just to get my cupcake. But as we turned the corner to walk up to the shop, there wasn't a line in sight. Was it our lucky day or what?! We walked right into Georgetown Cupcake and ordered! Wow.

I got my milk chocolate birthday cupcake, and was the happiest little girl in the world. What a fabulous ending to a fun-filled day on the rainy streets of Georgetown!

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  1. 1) I can't believe the metro was full that's ridiculous, 2) I'm glad to hear the walk from foggy bottom didn't seem long because I too heard it was a good walk, 3) I'm SO happy yall survived the rain I was really worried ;) and 4) I am going with you next time!