Saturday, November 6, 2010

yeah 3x

Check out this video for Chris Brown's new song, Yeah 3X! It is sooo good, and a nice change from Taylor Swift (which has been on repeat for the past week). 

Well, I am so bored right now. So I am just going to recap my weekend for all of you anxious blogfrogs. 

Thursday was of course the Georgia Tech game. I love Thursday night games! Mostly because of the fireworks. KJ and I froze our bottoms off sitting through the whole game. But thank goodness we did, because the HOKIES pulled a big win against GT. Nothing like a win on National TV!! Even though my poor toes were so swollen under 3 pairs of socks and rainboots, it took me 15 minutes at least to take off the boots. Still worth it though!

On Friday, I worked at the Virginia Tech Alumni Association's 135th Anniversary the coat check. I know, rollin' like a big shot. It was actually so cool though. We met a lot of VIPs including President Steger! After that, I went over to Julie's and had a relaxing girls night with her, her roommates, and KJ came later. We painted our nails, drank hot cocoa, ate apple crisp, and watched No Reservations. It was all fun and games until we went to leave and KJ got a parking ticket in Terrace View for parking along a yellow curb. "Sorry for ya," said the officer. Major buzzkill.

Today, on Saturday, I didn't really have anything to do. So I woke up late, naturally, and proceeded to have a very productive day. I did all of my BIT, Econ, and Religious Ethics homework. I love crossing things off in my planner! For dinner, I went to West End and had a warm sandwich and crème brûlée for dessert. YUM!

Well, that's about all I have for now. Sorry this was kind of boring, I just have nothing better to do. Stay tuned for more blog lovin'!

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