Friday, November 19, 2010

from wahhh to yeahhh!

So sorry to all of my blogfrogs who have been anxiously awaiting a post. As I mentioned last Friday, this week was just a LITTLE hectic. 3 exams, 1 quiz, 1 final paper...CHECK! Now I am home sweet home, and am the happiest girl in the world! Here is a quick recap of my week:

Monday-I woke up and literally had a panic attack. I always thought I knew how to handle my high-stress lifestyle, but I woke up on Monday morning and was seriously stressin'. I have never experienced anything like that in my life! But after some deep breathing and Taylor Swift, I was back on track. Shout out to MORGIRL and TA for being there for me during Econ when I thought I was gonna break down and cry in the middle of class. I love my Econ girls!! That night, I went to the Alpha Phi house and decorated cupcakes with my sisters and sang Alpha Phi songs at the rush workshop. Great stress reliever!! Then I went back to 888 and started studying like

Tuesday-EXAM #1...Astronomy! You would think that out of my 3 exams of the week, Astronomy would be the easiest. WRONG. For one reason or another, science and I just don't mix. Hopefully I did okay on this one though, my last Astronomy exam wasn't the strongest. For dinner, KJ and I went to West End and then went to the SAA meeting/elections. It was pretty intense, lasting about 3 hours. Good thing I brought my dessert to hold me over! However, I was so much happier to be at an SAA meeting over studying for my next test on Wednesday.

Wednesday-EXAM #2...BIT! I am typically really good at BIT, because it is math. I dominated my math empo classes last year (mostly because I am just really good at guessing the right answer for math problems). You could call me lucky! So yeah, I think BIT went really really well. I thought I didn't know the material, but it turns out I knew more than I thought once I got the exam. Don't you love when that happens? After a short day on campus, I went to Moe's for dinner with my AMAZING Alpha Phi fam. I love you Anna Tobia and Lindsay Martin! I am so so lucky to have such a supportive big and gbig.

Thursday-Finally a break from exams! It was nice to have a day where I just went to class, and didn't have to worry about being tested on my knowledge..haha. I also redeemed my $25 gift card from Mandy that I won at the New Girl D2 dinner that Panhellenic sponsored. YAY I love free money! Then I came home and studied for my next exam, naturally.

Friday-EXAM #3...Econ! I definitely didn't study as much as I should have for an Econ test, but what do you expect for an exam the day I leave for Thanksgiving Break?! So I went in and sped through it! I don't know if it was because I actually knew the material or because I just wanted to get out of there. But usually it takes me FOREVER to figure out Econ questions. I am just going to assume it was a good thing! Yippeee, I finally finished all my exams! I hurried home to 888 to finish packing all my belongings, and Julie came to pick me up to hit the road for NOVA. Good thing there was SO MUCH TRAFFIC right outside of Christiansburg that it took an hour to move 15 miles. Great way to start the trip. However, after a few detours and coffee breaks, we made it home in about 5 hours! It was a great bonding trip for Mrs. McIntire, Julie and much fun! Halfway through the ride, I also got some amazing news...I AM A 2011 ORIENTATION LEADER!! I am honestly so honored and happy, words cannot even begin to describe. The application process was brutal, and all of the applicants were so so qualified. This is a dream come true. Around 8pm I finally rolled into Franklin Farm, and was so warmly welcomed home by my recovering Mom, Angel and PD, Danny, and Daddy...where were you Mike? Anyways, it felt so amazing to walk through my front door, and I am so happy to finally be relaxing at home with my family. I have missed them so much! Right now, I am just sitting in my PINK room with Mommy chatting, blogging, and painting nails. This is the good life!

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