Friday, December 30, 2011

look at meow

Last week I had a very traumatizing experience. Before I begin recounting the story you all should know that although my initials are CAT, I am not a cat lover by any means. In fact, I am allergic to cats, as well as dogs, horses, and most other animals with fur.

So on Deebz's last night in NOVA we went on a "farewell tour" to all of her friend's houses (all of which own cats for whatever reason). It is not uncommon for me to be around cats and dogs since most of my friends' families own them, but that night something strange happened. After leaving Tesla's house and heading to Erin's I started rubbing my eye. I was convinced there was something in it, so I kept rubbing and all of a sudden my right eye blew up! I was having an allergic to reaction to either the cats or dog...but of course I blamed it on the cats.

Deebz and I rushed home to give me Zyrtec and put a cold cloth on my eye, and after about an hour of serious treatment I was okay. I have seen my brother have this kind of allergic reaction to cats before, but I had never experienced it myself.

Moral of the story: To whoever does not believe in my allergies (as well as hatred) towards cats, all I have to say is "look at meow."

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