Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas vests and alpha nest

If you are an avid follower of this wonderful blog you will not be surprised by the guest takeover this week. This is round 2 of the takeover and trust me it is much better than last time. I, Thomas Lawler, am bringing you the wonders of my poetry this week in order to sum up activities of last weekend. From start to finish you will be taken on the journey of my time with “the CAT’s meow.”


The week after Turkey day
It was back to the school grind
I was not quite ready
For all of the fun I was to find

Alpha Phi formals and WEOSM
All packed into one week
The holiday spirit was all around
No matter where you look or seek


First came the Alpha Phi function
Which was held on Thursday night
Hosted at the wonderful Attitudes
The mood was set just right

Once I hit the dance floor
You know it was my time to shine
A tough skill to master
Almost as great as my rhyme

Next came Winters Eve On South Main
Yes it is quite the mouthful
But don’t let it confuse you
This date party is far from dull

The Phi Sig house was shimmering
A sight to be seen by all
It is hard to imagine the beauty
Which is why the picture is involved

Combined together this weekend
The best of the semester
The road ahead is treacherous
So some energy I’ll need to fester

Now it’s on to exam time
I sure am not in a hurry
Hakuna Matata is my motto
This is no time to worry