Sunday, July 17, 2011

we've got HOKIE spirit, yes we do

Well, well, well. A full week and weekend of Orientation has come and's unbelievable how LONG the days are but how QUICKLY they seem to go by. I have now been in Blacksburg for 2 weeks, so I am halfway done with OL XI. I don't like that one bit!

My first week with the freshmen has been absolutely amazing, and way more than I could have ever imagined. I had no idea how great of an impact these students would make on me, let alone how large of an impact I am (hopefully) making on them as well.

First, I am going to illustrate what a day in the life (Mon-Thurs) of an OL is like:
5:30am - rise and shine! get ready for the big day
6:30am - meet in Matt's room to head to D2 for breakfast
7:15am - walk over to Squires to begin morning duties
(check-in, parking lot, traffic control, etc.)
10:30am - opening session and OL introductions
11:30am - small group facilitation with my freshmen
(lunch, lots of icebreakers, Q&A about VT)
2:00pm - campus safety presentation
2:30pm - get involved presentation
3:30pm-5:30pm - break for OLs
5:30pm - dinner at D2
6:45pm - meet freshmen outside D2 for traditions walk
7:45pm - academic session in squires
8:45pm - hokie camp video and presentation
9:00pm - community of hokies facilitation with freshmen
10:30pm - OL skits

Even though we have an explicit itinerary to follow, every day and every group of freshmen has been totally different. But that's what keeps me going, and makes Orientation so much more exciting!

Here are some defining moments from each of my first 4 sessions:

Session 1

Fire alarm in the middle of opening session, no introductions, t-shirt table with Tommy, and my amazing freshmen who put up with me on my FIRST day.

Session 2

Checking in all the male students for morning duties, first time doing OL intros in opening session, getting another great group of freshmen to work with, and reading my comment cards with Carly at night (nightly ritual).

Session 3
Dancing with Mabeus as the buses rolled into Squires, finding out Ceci was in my group, having a talkative and involved group of freshmen, and getting lots of laughs for our skit.

Session 4
Finally feeling comfortable on stage for intros and skits, avoiding the skunks while outside with my freshmen, really getting across to my freshmen during the community of hokies session, and re-reading my week's comment cards.

Although I only get approx. 15 hours of sleep from Mon-Thurs, I am so proud of how much we have already accomplished as OL XI. I feel so lucky to get to work with 29 other amazing student leaders that have so so much to bring to the group. 

I love every second we spend together, so this weekend was great! We had a very relaxed weekend here in Blacksburg. We got to sleep in until mid-day, saw Harry Potter 7.2, had a cookout/bonfire at Katherine's, I met up with KJ and her parents for lunch, went to El Rods, and finally a Team Juice Box lunch today at Red Robin.

Bring on week 2!

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  1. Your college orientations sound like so much fun! One more year until mine :)

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