Thursday, July 7, 2011

we got that OL swag

On our training schedule for today was an assigned time allotted to "TBA". All of the OAs knew what this 30 minutes was for, but they were keeping it a secret (as per usual). When that time finally rolled around, J.Jo and the OAs had us walk over to our "break room" in Squires for Orientation. We walked into a room decked out in maroon and orange and cubbies with our names on them! But the best part was discovering all that was inside of our cubbies...

We got...2 Orientation polos (which we get to keep this year), 2 Orientation Staff tshirts, Hokie Effect tshirts, a maroon and orange belt, the coveted OL backpack, 2 nametags, pencils, business cards to give my freshmen, and a bunch of other stuff!

But my FAVORITE item of all is my GROUP 28 sign! I feel SO official and (almost) so ready for all the incoming freshmen to step onto campus starting on Monday.

Dinner at D2 tonight was absolutely hilarious. It started off like any other dinner with the OLs...eating lots, funny conversations, the usual. But after dinner (for dessert), my table somehow decided it would be a good idea to have a contest on who could make the largest ice cream cone. Here are some of the winners...

I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did today (between the ice cream contest and watching everyone's skit rehearsals) in a very, very long time. Although the stress is starting to build up, it is so comforting to have 23 other OLs going through the same thing! The morale is ALWAYS high, which also helps.



  1. Those ice cream cones are insane! It must be an art form, mine always topple pitifully after just a couple swirls.

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  2. Haha love the ice cream. Takes talent to makes those :) I just found your blog this morning and feel in love... had to follow. Look forward to reading more.