Sunday, July 3, 2011

slusher tower

Today was a BIG day...move-in day! I woke up at about 10:30am and left my townhouse to move into my new home for the next month at Slusher Tower, a very old residence hall on campus where the freshmen are going to stay for one night during Orientation.

Upon arriving at Slusher with a car FULL of things that needed to be unloaded, I was so happy to see John and Lydia in the parking lot! They helped me carry all of my things into my room on the 3rd floor (I got pretty lucky with room placement), and I think we brought everything in with a total of 4 trips as opposed to the 12 trips I would have had without their help. OL love at its finest right there!

When I walked into my room, I found THE most adorable decorations, letter, and tshirt from my OA, Jen. What an awesome surprise!

From about noon until 3:30pm I was unpacking my room, assembling fans (much needed in this non-air conditioned residence hall), walking around Slusher Tower and Slusher Wing, and visiting the other OLs while we were all moving in.

At 4:45 SHARP, all 24 OLs, 6 OAs, and the New Student Programs Staff met up in the crossover between Tower and Wing to meet for a mysterious dinner adventure. They loaded us all into 3 large vans and we headed out to The River Course at Virginia Tech for a fabulous dinner at Bull and Bones overlooking the river.

Just look at my plate and tell me this is not a dream come true ALREADY...

After dinner, we all came back to campus and met with our OAs and team of OLs. During our meeting, we wrote ourselves letters that Jen will give us sometime during or at the end of Orientation. Our group also decided that we wanted to all write each other letters and include them in the envelopes, so I am also currently in the middle of writing those. I love Team Juice Box (our team name) SO much! They inspire me everyday.

It is now almost 11pm, and I am finally fully settled in my room. I think I win the award for bringing the most stuff. Check it out...

Well, tomorrow we are off to Wilderness Adventure for the next two days! Jen didn't specifically tell us what all is in store, but I can only imagine it will be a challenging couple of days. Here's to the beginning of OL summer training week! I have never felt so lucky to be part of such an amazing program here at Virginia Tech! HUGE thanks to J.Jo and NSP and everyone who has given me this opportunity of a lifetime.

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