Sunday, July 10, 2011

day one

I cannot believe I am sitting here right now at my desk in Slusher Hall printing my final facilitation outlines for the BIG day tomorrow. It is incredible how much I have learned about Virginia Tech, myself, and my fellow OLs during the intense but fabulous week-long OL training marathon. We have all worked SO hard both as individuals and as a group, and tomorrow starts the beginning of it all.

I will be starting my day at 5:30am, so I am making this post short and sweet seeing as how I only have a few hours to sleep between now and then.

Of course I am nervous to be thrown into a day in the life tomorrow, but I know my excitement and passion will trump my nervousness tomorrow morning! And I hope I will be able to share that excitement about being a freshman here at VT with the incoming class of Hokies.

In conclusion, here's a quote from Carly's new fav song "A Sky Full of Lighters"...
"This one's for you and me, living out our dreams, we're all right where we should be"


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