Sunday, June 26, 2011

bon voyage

Today my partner in crime and 1/4 of the fab4, Kelsey, is headed out to Valencia, Spain for her 6 week study abroad program. Although we will all miss her, we are very excited for the amazing adventures she has ahead of her! Good luck Kelsey, I can't wait to get your first email about your long day of travel.

Earlier this week, the 4 of us went out to our first and last fab4 dinner of the summer. We dressed up and went to Fairfax Corner's Coastal Flats. It was delicious, and the perfect "ending" to our summer together.

With Kelsey already en route to Valencia, my OL adventures about to begin in Blacksburg, Julia and Katie leaving on their family's beach trips and working at day camp all July, and Julia heading back to USC on August 6th (the same day Kelsey gets back from Spain), our summer days and nights as the fab4 have already come to a close.

Crazy how the days go by...isn't it?


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  2. I'm back in Thailand now. I really wish that I had more time in VA, but I only had about a weekend. I'm definitely considering Virginia Tech though!!

    P.s. I didn't mean to remove the post. I just forgot to mention that you and everyone in your fab4 group look gorgeous :)