Sunday, June 5, 2011

missin' the boys

One of the first things JJ said to me when we got home in May was, "Christine, what are we going to do this summer without the boys?". This summer (and most of next summer) three of my best friends are all away serving two-year missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. James is in Portugal, Nick is in Costa Rica, and Barrett is in California.

While I am still managing to have many fun adventures and summer nights with the girls, some things are just not the same without these crazy boys. But I try not to dwell...

Luckily I have tons of pictures from last summer to reminisce and laugh at!

Today while I was working at the pool (it was a cloudy day so I had lots of free time), I wrote letters to all the boys. I guess you could say I just have a bunch of pen pals! The worst part about writing letters back and forth, however, is waiting for the response. As you can imagine, getting boys to write letters isn't necessarily a walk in the park. I guess the wait makes it feel like the time is going by a little faster.

But the moral of the story is...
neither time nor distance can touch the friendship of the heart.

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  1. i know exactly how you feel my friend! but i can say, it's just as fun when they come home :)