Saturday, June 11, 2011

the good life

Sorry for my absence of blogging this week, I basically spend every waking moment working or trying to get a tan at the pool. For whatever reason, I am having a really slow start to getting my tan on this summer. But it will come!

Yesterday I had my first day off in a long, long time. So first I woke up and ran a bunch of errands that had been building up for the past two weeks. These errands included getting my eyebrows waxed, depositing my first paycheck, picking up a few essentials at CVS, and mailing letters and pictures to the boys.

After that, I met up with JJ and KZ at the pool for a few hours. We decided that we would have a fab4 homemade dinner and dessert night since KW was no longer leaving us to go to Bethany for the weekend. It was great! We went to the grocery store to get the ingredients (and somehow run into like 3 people from high school), then went back to KW's to cook and bake and eat dinner out on the deck.

We made a delicious pasta dish for dinner and hummingbird cupcakes for dessert. It is always makes for a great time when you get all 4 of us in the kitchen together!

To end the night, we watched The Roommate which we rented from RedBox at Giant. Initially, JJ and I were very hesitant to watch it because we both don't do too well with scary movies. But it ended up just being pretty dumb...I told them we should have watched Never Say Never instead! One day I will get my way.

Then this morning JJ and I woke up at 7:30am (barely) to go to Fox Mill Estates for swim lesson orientation to teach private swim lessons this summer at the pool. Oh, how I just love jumping into cold water at 8 in the morning.

But afterwards we treated ourselves to breakfast at Vienna Inn with Morgan and Turlz.

I haven't seen Morgan since May when we first got home from school, so it was great to see her again! We all had chocolate chip hotcakes for breakfast (costing a whopping $3.35 each) and colored our place mats while chatting and catching up. What a perfect start to the weekend.

Oh, this has gotta be the good life...

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