Sunday, June 19, 2011

daddy's girl

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad!

To kick off (or tee off) Father's Day 2011, Dad and Mike are participating in Oakton Football's 1st annual Golf Tournament at Penderbrook Golf Course. My Mom and all the football Moms have been planning this event for months; however, due to an unfortunate event involving possibly breaking her foot (that's a whole other story), it was up to Mike and I to set up breakfast for all the golfers at Penderbrook this morning. So, rise and shine! Mike and I woke up at 6:30am and headed over the the course with dozens of muffins, bananas, apples, waters and juices.

Here is what my little table ended up looking like...I think it looked pretty good for having to improv and play Mom for the morning.

About an hour later, Dad came over to Penderbrook to eat some breakfast and get ready for the tournament. Oakton and Penderbrook did a really great job putting on this event and making it fun for the Dads and their sons. What a great Father's Day activity!

I can't wait for the boys to come home, and for Dad to see the balloon I picked up for him. Isn't it just so perfect for today? I'm sure he and Mike will be exhausted after the tournament, so all the Terminello's will most likely take a nice afternoon nap. Afterwards, I assume we will either go out to dinner, grill out, or bring something in. The plans are constantly changing with Mom's injury thrown into the mix. But all that matters is that we are spending time together and celebrating Dad's day! 

I am so lucky to be my Daddy's #1 daughter. Thank you for being there every step of the way. I love you.

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