Saturday, April 16, 2011

neVer forgeT

"While 32 of our friends and classmates are trying to explain to heaven what a Hokie is, I stand here sure in the fact that I wouldn't want to be anything else."

Today marks the 4th year since the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech. Although most of the students who were here to experience 4/16/07 have now graduated and are no longer a presence on campus, the Hokie community does NOT forget. We will neVer forgeT the 32.

It is never a dull day to remember and live for the 32 beautiful souls we lost 4 years ago. Our Hokies hearts are shining through the rain clouds today here in Blacksburg.

"How do you tell someone that has never been to Blacksburg that a Hokie is not a turkey, that it;s not really even a bird. A Hokie is a state of mind. It's a sense of community. It's a feeling of pride...Being a Hokie is about an unconditional love for our little town tucked away in a deep valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains."
-Rebecca Samuelson 

"We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid. We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are alive to the imaginations and the possibilities. We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears, and through all our sadness. We are the Hokies, we will prevail, we WILL prevail, we will prevail, WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH."
-Nikki Giovanni 

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  1. I remember when this happened, and it was such a tragedy. Every April 16th, we are all Hokies. I'll be praying for all of the victims and their families.