Sunday, April 10, 2011

a hokie weekend

WOW, what an awesome weekend to be a Hokie! From The Big Event to SAA Retreat to Hokie Camp Counselor Training, this weekend has definitely served as a reminder of just how much I love this school.


Saturday morning was The Big Event, basically one BIG community service day at Tech. As Director of Community Service for Alpha Phi, it was my responsibility to create a team for all Alpha Phis and to distribute projects to the girls the morning of.

I worked on 2 awesome projects with Alexandra throughout the day. The first one was for an old woman who literally lived on the top of a mountain. We simply picked up sticks in her yard, and she was so so grateful! It was so fulfilling to get to help out members of the Blacksburg community. She even gave us Klondike bars and Snickers as a thank you. Precious.

The next project was closer to downtown Blacksburg. We raked leaves and spread mulch for a family. This project was a little more time-consuming, but the family and babysitter were outside helping us so it went by a lot faster! By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted, so I took a well-deserved nap while it thunderstormed for the rest of the afternoon.


This morning was the Spring SAA Retreat. SAA hosts 2 retreats each school year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Today, we got Carol Lee Donuts AND Sub Station, played lots of games and icebreakers, and took this awesome SAA pic outside of the Alumni Center.

I have never been in the SAA picture before because for whatever reason, we never took it at the past two retreats I have gone to. So that was an exciting start to my Sunday morning. Oh, the little things!


Now this was hardcore. KJ and I arrived at the amphitheater (never even knew it existed) near the President's house, and I had no idea what to expect. But it was an awesome experience! First, we took session pictures, and a few OL pics too of course. Session 2 is OBVIOUSLY stacked.

Then we got our co-counselors by playing a game where we all had slips of paper that had a word on it and we each had to find the word or name that matched ours. I had Katie Holmes so I had to look for Tom Cruise, and I found my co-couns, Kenneth Byrd!

After that we split up into our color groups (colors=unknown) which are made up of 10 counselors from Session 2 . Our color group's team name is Paparazzi. On the count of 1-2-3 we scream "Paparazzi" and Kenneth gets down on one knee, snapping shots with a fake camera while the rest of the 9 counselors do poses and act like the rockstars that we are. LOVE IT!

We ended training by doing a relay race with our co-counselors. It was fierce and extremely heated (both competition-wise and weather-wise). Although Kenneth and I didn't get first, we were still pretty competitive. I am now SO excited for Hokie Camp in August! HOKIE HOKIE HOKIE HI!

At this point I don't know if there is anything left to say besides...

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