Thursday, April 14, 2011

a life full of laughter

Yesterday was an awesome, unforgettable, and crazy day. All the fun began at 5:15 when all the OLs and TOGs were instructed to meet in front of Lane Stadium for THE photo shoot. Keep in mind, this is a very important photo that had to be taken. The photo for the "Welcome to Virginia Tech, Orientation Team 2011" poster that is displayed all over Blacksburg during the summer.

So the OLs and TOGs were put into formation and we took the picture...many times. Hopefully my eyes are open in a few of them. I have major problems with keeping my eyes open in pictures for whatever reason. I think I can thank my Mom for that trait.

Once we took the group picture, the OLs stayed for about another 2 hours taking as many ridiculous and cutesy pictures we could think of.

The most daring picture, however, was on top of the VT arch (pictured below). Basically to sit on the ledge, you had to climb up the sides of the arch. I don't do so well with heights. So my team got up there no problem, and where was Christine? I was FREAKING out at the bottom of the arch. However, Jen and the rest of my team kept encouraging me and cheering me on, so I faced my fears and CRAWLED up the arch at snail speed.

The pictures were well worth the trouble. I love my team!

After hours upon hours of smiling and giggling and posing, we headed back to the Dean of Students office to fill out paperwork for summer employment. After some initial chaos trying to fill out the tax forms, we finished up the paperwork and headed over to Hokie Grill for some grub.

We all ate our meals and then Erica and I decided we wanted Cinnabon. But as we were getting up, Erica realized she couldn't find her keys. We frantically searched the booth and her backpack for her keys and could not find them.

Then we thought, oh no they are probably in the Dean of Students office...which was now locked up for the night. So Wes, Sean, Erica, Rob, and I called up Meg and she said she would come and unlock the office for us. We owe her big time! Luckily, Erica's keys were in the office so we thanked Meg and left to head home for the night.

But the craziness didn't end there. As I was driving home, Wes called to tell me this story...

After we left the Dean of Students office, Wes realized as he was driving Sean home that he left a bag he was carrying outside of the office. So the two of them turned back around to go get it, and sure enough, there it was sitting outside. As they were leaving (again), Wes jokingly asked Sean if there was ANYTHING else he had left behind in the office. Sean had all his stuff. But once they got back into the car, Wes realized he had left his backpack in the lounge of the office when we had been filling out our paperwork hours before. It was too late now! Can't call Meg...again. Looks like that 12 page paper was just going to have to wait another night to be written.

TOLM. (Total Orientation Leader Move).

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