Sunday, April 24, 2011

beautiful blacksburg weekend

Happy Easter everyone! I was blessed to share this beautiful day and weekend in Blacksburg with my family this year. Here is a quick recap of this weekend's events...


Despite the cold and rainy weather that hit Blacksburg on Friday, VTRelay was a huge success!! As a committee member, I spent most of the day setting up the drillfield for the big night. At 4:30, I came back to help set up Team Skeet's onsite fundraiser. 

We sold "Come SKEET (Stop Kancer Each & Every Time) With Us" tanks and sweatshirts, VT/Relay gloves, and all sorts of baked goods. By the end of the night we raised $479.42, which gave Team Skeet a grand total of $5,854.07 raised for the American Cancer Society!


After getting just a few hours of sleep, I had no problem waking up the next morning knowing my family was in route to Blacksburg. They got here around noon, and we walked around campus and ate at West End before the Spring Game at 2:00.

It was so great to have the whole family here with me in Blacksburg this weekend. Especially Mikey since he has NEVER visited me at Tech before this weekend. I can tell he definitely loved the school (almost as much as I do) and he and the rest of the family also loved getting the see the Hokies play some football on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


This morning I met up with my family back at the Inn at Virginia Tech and we partook in our annual Easter egg/basket hunt that the Easter Bunny left for us. It was a little different having it in a hotel room as opposed to at our house, but it was still a blast! I love that the Easter Bunny still visits us even though we are now a house full of teenagers (even Danny who recently turned 13!!).

After the hunt, we took some family photos. 

Then we went to Easter Mass. Followed by a wonderful brunch at the Inn at 2:00.

Although the weekend flew by, I am so grateful that my family made the trip out to visit me for a couple days. It was a nice getaway from the college lifestyle, especially considering I am about to hit the ground running with finals quickly approaching. But I am not trying to think about that quite yet, instead I am going to continue to enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday in Blacksburg!


  1. I love your blog and can't wait to read more!! Im glad you had a great Easter!

  2. I love your blog too! It's always nice to find other Virginians in the blogging world :) A lot of my friends from high school go to Tech now, although I've never been to visit them! Can't wait to read more! :) Have a great day!