Thursday, February 3, 2011

never give up

About a month ago my little (or not so little) brother, Michael, tore his ACL playing CYA house basketball. Nope, he didn't tear it during the brutal and physical football and lacrosse seasons, but during the off-season while playing basketball just for kicks. 

This morning he had his surgery right in the Franklin Farm shopping center. I have been bbm-ing him, and even got to talk to him on the phone earlier this afternoon. Besides a few slurred words, he sounded like he was handling it very well. Didn't complain about the pain or anything! 

I totally admire Michael for being so strong and composed about this whole situation. It is definitely a roadblock in his high school athletic career, but how he has been handling it is unlike anything I could have ever imagined. He doesn't whine and cry like I did when I injured my back before my senior year on dance team. Michael remains fully confident in the fact that he will return to the football field in the fall as a starting linebacker. With that attitude, how could he go wrong? I know that he will put 110% into his 6 months of physical therapy, and will be back at it in no time.

I never knew I could admire my little Mikey as much as I do tonight. He is teaching me so much about patience, persistence, and positive attitude. And I am sure he has NO idea! I am so proud of you bro, keep your head up and everything will fall right back into place for you. I just know it will.

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