Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy half birthday to me!

Today, January 26, 2011, is my half birthday! I realized this as I was staring at the time/date on my phone on the bus from Rutherford to campus today. Back in middle school and the beginning of high school, my friends and I used to celebrate my half birthday since I am a July baby. It used to be a HUGE deal to have your locker decorated and get balloons on your birthday while you were in school. So it was obviously completely necessary that I celebrated my half birthday in January. Nowadays, I suppose a half birthday is just another day. Just 6 months closer to being that dreaded age...20! Yikess!

However, Elder Wheatley must've known it was my half birthday this week because I received a fabulous care package from him just a few days ago! Actually the relation of getting a package from him this week and it being my half birthday is nonexistent. But hey, it was the perfect coincidence!

I have sent James many care packages over the years, from a birthday care package when he spent his summer at BYU to a few care packages since he has been in the MTC. I always have jokingly said that he neeeds to send me one back, but really never thought it would actually happen (especially now that he is away on his mission). To my surprise, however, I found a little brown box left on my doorstep on Monday when I came back from class. As I was walking up to 888, I assumed it was going to be my textbooks I ordered online. But no, it was from Elder Wheatley himself! I was shocked. I ran inside and opened it up immediately, so curious to see what was inside!

First of all, let me just say that the boy did an amazing job putting together his very first package he has ever sent! The package included cookies or "bolachas", sweets, pictures from the MTC, postcards, my weekly 4-page letter, and my very own MTC tshirt inside a BYU bookstore bag! I didn't even know they made Missionary Training Center tshirts! I was so soo surprised.

Thank you, James for making my 19 and 1/2 birthday so special!! I miss you.

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