Tuesday, January 4, 2011

deebz+stean=nova love

I can't believe it! Deebz's 2.5 week visit to NOVA is over. I woke up at 8:30am this morning to take her back to Dulles airport with Erin and Fish. Feels like just yesterday we were going to pick her up from the same airport amidst the snow and flight delays. I wish there was going to be snow resulting in more flight delays today, but unfortunately we have very clear skies. Have a safe flight back to sunny Florida Deebz!

Let's look back at just some of the adventures we had while DB was visiting her NOVA loves:

On The Border for dinner with Grace, Steph, and Shanley. Followed by RTC to see "Little Fockers" (great movie by the way), and taking pictures by the RTC Christmas tree.

Making muddy buddies and other treats with Sara and Yost. Always lots of laughs when we are all gathered in the kitchen together!

VT Alpha Phi and USF ADPi photo shoot and Christmas present exchange. You rep that NOVA shirt Deebz!

Otani's dinner with Deebz's fav girls was sort of the last hurrah! From fried rice, to lo mein, to shrimp, to chicken, to sherbet for dessert. I'd say it was a very successful dinner and evening (with Deebz and I finishing off every last bit of our meals). Hehe, this is why I love my Deebz!

Although these four adventures are the only ones I have pictures of, that doesn't mean they were our only notable encounters. There were countless more along the way. Mall trips, noodles runs, cinnamon rolls, ben and jerry's, redbox, homemade dinners, late night chats and snacks, and of course, baking galore (just to name a few!).

I'm already missin' my BFF dearly, but I know she will be back for some more action-packed NOVA fun in the summertime! Until then, Deebz and Stean....signing out.

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