Monday, February 20, 2012

simply the best

This weekend Alpha Phi Exec traveled to Nashville, TN for the Southeast and South Central Regional Conference. It was held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel (which was gorgeous). We left on Friday morning and drove about 7 hours to get there. When we finally made it, we were especially excited to see our ELC, Sarah Jensen!! We checked into the conference and the hotel, walked around for awhile, and scoped out the vendors selling the CUTEST Alpha Phi goodies. We had an opening session that night along with dinner, and then split off into our individual Exec positions' orientations.

The next morning came VERY early at 6:30ish. We got dressed in our business casual attire and headed downstairs to start a day full of information sessions, classes, trade shows, and sisterhood breaks! I learned so much about Recruitment, and was so happy Jen there as our adviser to go to all the meetings with me. I can't wait to get started on Recruitment 2013!!

The best part of the conference was HANDS DOWN when the International President of Alpha Phi requested to eat lunch with VT Alpha Phi. I think we all felt a little star struck! Not to mention we received an award for Excellence in Chapter Operations and Programming at the Award Session after lunch.

Rock the Red was the dinner theme that evening and we were instructed to wear "red heels, denim, and a sleek top" for pictures, dinner, and the presentation. What an awesome Alpha Phi theme!

Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to hit the road to head back to Blacksburg. We were warned about potential snow storms headed in our direction, so we left early. But not early enough. About halfway through the trip the rain turned to snow. And I mean serious snow! We were driving a midst cars and trucks in ditches from sliding off the roads. We thought we would be able to make it home, until we hit southern Virginia and realized there was no way to drive any longer.

So we stopped in Wytheville, VA. What a place! We found the nearest hotel (I mean, motel), Knight's Inn, and called it a night. I don't think I have ever stayed at a more sketchy establishment. We ordered Pizza Hut, which came 2 hours later, and attempted to do our homework for Monday. But really we just reminisced on Conference and bonded even more as Exec.

Regardless of all the ups and downs of the weekend, I know I will never forget APhiRC12. Alpha Phi is simply the best.

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