Saturday, November 19, 2011

hokie football and heading home

On Thursday the Hokies played UNC in Lane Stadium for our famous night game. Despite the below freezing temperature and wind chill, Lane Stadium did not disappoint. And neither did the Hokies for that matter! I know I always post videos, but this one is a great representation of just what it was like on Thursday night in Blacksburg.

The only thing that this video leaves out is the fact that Darius Rucker was at Lane Stadium on Thursday night to sing the national anthem. Luckily I got this one picture before my camera died for the night. He was phenomenal! 

It is so hard to believe that Thursday night was Senior Night for the Hokies, and the last home game of the season. However, I would love to go to the ACC championship to see the Hokies play (at least) one more time for the year.

Now we are onto Thanksgiving break. I headed home last night (or early this morning really) to avoid the I-81 traffic disaster. So I got home around 2:30am, and it feels great to be home! Although I am not one to "relax", some family time and relaxation is desperately needed.

Today I went shopping at Fair Oaks with my Mom and Mike. Our mission was to redefine Mike's wardrobe. Now that football season is over, he has decided that he doesn't need to dress like a jock every day anymore. I don't hate it. So we got him some nice new jeans and sweaters, and it doesn't end there! My little brothers are growing up so fast.

As for right now, I am sitting on the couch in the family room. Waiting for my pound cake to come out of the oven, watching the UVA vs. FSU game, and blogging, of course. My parents are at some football parents party, Mike is out with his friends, and Danny is upstairs on the computer. I can't wait for the Fab4 and the rest of my friends to come home so I can have something to do! But until then, I will force myself to relax. 

Happy Thanksgiving Break everyone!

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