Sunday, November 20, 2011

a friendly rivalry never hurt anyone

After the results of last night's game, the VT/UVA game on Saturday is becoming a lot more interesting! There is nothing I love more than college rivalries. The winner of the Commonwealth Cup will go on to play Clemson in the ACC championship on December 3rd.

With all of this competitive buzz going around I have seen tons of smack talk all over Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs. However, my favorite is the following...

A man dressed in Chicago maroon and burnt orange walks into a Charlottesville sports bar with a small dog under his arm. He says to the bartender: "Hey, can I leave my dog here while I go to the VT/UVA football game?"
"A dog in my bar? No, absolutely not."
"But He's a special dog", the VT fan says.
"In what way?", the bartender asks.

..."Well he'll watch the game on TV with you.
When Virginia Tech scores, he will walk up and down the bar on his hind legs.
When Virginia scores, he will walk up and down the bar on his front legs.
When Virginia Tech wins, he will do back flips all the way down the bar and back."

"Wow!" the bartended says. "That's amazing. What does he do when Virginia wins?"

"I don't know" says the Hokie. "He's only seven years old."



  1. HAHAHA LOVE THIS! Can't wait to watch the game - I wish I was going!!

  2. The Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game is next Saturday, and it is always a fun rivalry game! I'm really excited!