Wednesday, September 21, 2011

parent's weekend

I know this post is entirely overdue, but I have had an insanely busy week so far (and it's only Wednesday). But more on that another time. I would so much rather write about this past weekend at Alpha Phi's Red Dress Gala and Parent's Weekend. So I will!


Friday night was Alpha Phi's annual Red Dress Gala. This event is a very large part of our philanthropy, in which we raise money and awareness for the #1 killer among men and women, Cardiac Care. Red Dress Gala is a formal dinner and silent auction for all of our sisters and their parents.

Unfortunately, my parents were not able to come down until Saturday this year, so they missed Red Dress Gala. Since they were not able to be here, I played a relatively large part in helping our Director of Philanthropy (and my wonderful suitemate), Alli, with the evening of Red Dress Gala. 

Alli has spent countless hours, days, weeks, and sleepless nights working on the logistics and details for this evening. And it couldn't have been a more perfect event! Not to mention, we made over $15,000 for the Foundation that night.


My parents made the drive down to Blacksburg early on Saturday morning, and got here around noon. Immediately after their arrival, we joined the McIntires and Hoffmans at the Johnson's tailgate. Although the weather wasn't exactly beautiful, we had a great time with all of the families. And the Hokie Bird even made an appearance at our tailgate!

The game started at 4:30pm as the Hokies took on Arkansas State. It was a pretty slow game, but we ended with a win 26-7. A win's a win! The highlight of the game was definitely when Julie, Alexandra, KJ, and I made it on the jumbotron for our picture with the Hokie Bird at the tailgate. Unforgettable!


The final event of the weekend was the Sunday morning Parent's Brunch held at the Alpha Phi house. Mom and Dad met me at the house around 10am and we enjoyed a beautiful catered brunch with the Johnsons, and the rest of the Alpha Phi families. 

We took some pictures in front of the house (tradition) and then headed downtown to shop around a little bit  before Mom and Dad hit the road to head back to Northern Virginia. Mom and I both got new Virginia Tech sweatshirts. Thanks Dad!

Luckily I had this fabulous weekend to spend with my sisters and my family to get me through the week. Looking forward to the weekend!


  1. That sounds like a fun weekend! Hopefully your crazy stressful week will come to an end soon! xo

  2. You looked gorgeous for the gala! And it looks like you all had a great weekend. My parents have never been here for Parents Weekend before, but I'm hoping they come this year.