Wednesday, September 28, 2011

M is for Marketing

Aside from my major being Marketing Management, lately I have been dedicating just about 100% of my time to my Marketing Co-Chair position for the Class of 2013. And now our Ring Premiere is just 6 days away!

The Ring Tradition is one of the largest (and personally, my favorite of the many) traditions here at Virginia Tech. However, such a large event and tradition would not occur without marketing. So Kelly and I, the 2013 Marketing Co-Chairs have been doing just about everything in our power to make sure that the entire class knows about this big night.

Just a few of our Marketing tasks for Ring Premiere include:
-Information Booths in Squires
-Ring Premiere Banners and A-frames around campus
-Facebook Events and Like pages
-Twitter account
-Ring Pops and 2013 giveaways
-Table Cards in the dining halls
-Classroom Announcements
-Sign stakes on the Drillfield
-Sunglasses at the Clemson Game on Saturday

Serving on the Class of 2013 Leadership Team has probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding opportunities I have been given as a Hokie. But I cannot wait until Tuesday, October 4 when all of our hard work finally pays off at Ring Premiere!

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