Sunday, September 25, 2011

grab your sister a mister

In lieu of this weekend’s date party theme, “Grab Your Sister a Mister,” I will be “grabbing” Christine’s blog and writing her post for the day. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Christine’s roommate or better known as KJ. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I am the one who made this lovely blog header ;) (Side note if you would like me to design yours I would be happy to! For a small price. A girl’s on a budget… what can I say). It is quite the adventure living with THE CAT's meow but don’t worry I make sure her ego isn’t too big.

Well enough about me. So like I said this weekend was our first date party of the semester and the theme was “Grab Your Sister a Mister.” So being the fabulous roommate that I am I invited Christine’s date and she invited mine and we wouldn’t find out until the night of the party. I love surprising people so throughout the week I tried to through her off and really keep it a secret. But of course my plans didn’t work out and she found out the morning of the party. I was bummed but I think she was happy because she knew I had gotten her a great date, Sean.

I, of course, still had NO clue who mine was so Christine decided to torture me even more. So my wonderful roommate decided to blindfold me as soon as we got in the car so I would not know where we were going to pick up my date. Yes I know, awkward. My date, Thomas got in the car and was told not to say a word until we got to Anna’s. 

We even picked up Sean on the way and since Christine knew that he was going to be her date he still surprised her by giving her a balloon pet! During Orientation this summer he gave her a dog for her birthday and then last night gave her a cat. Appropriate for the CAT’s meow right?!

Anyways, once we got to Anna’s I took off my blindfold and saw that Thomas was my date! What a great surprise! It was such a fun night and I am happy that we both trusted each other to get great dates. Well, I know after reading this AMAZING blog post most of you will want me to start my own. Maybe one day, but for now you can tweet me at @4theluvofkayj. Thanks Christine for letting me take over! LOVE YA SIS!


  1. This is such a cute date party idea!! And I hate surprises, so I would have been freaking out the entire time!! I love Christine's cat. :) Happy Monday!

  2. HIIIIII KJ :) make a blog asap. You know you want to.
    Love the cat balloon and your dresses!