Tuesday, August 30, 2011

live for the little things

It is so easy to get caught up in "me mode", as I like to call it, as the school year starts to pick up. You get stuck in this rut of carrying out the same routine, walking with your head down, eating meals with the same people, and constantly worrying about your own meetings and schoolwork to attend to.

This year I am making it a point to save myself from falling into "me mode" within the next few weeks. I am learning to cherish "the little things". Like going to a Zumba class with some sisters and friends, donating school supplies to the local elementary school, keeping in touch with my freshmen and friends from home, watching Bachelor Pad with the house girls on a Monday night, saying hi to as many people I can on campus, and just being there to hold Carly's hand when she gives blood for the first time today.

It's not the tests you take, the amount of studying you do, or the time spent in class that you will remember when you think back to your college experience. It's the friends you made, the organizations you became a part of that eventually became a part of you, and the small day-to-day gestures that will stick with you forever.

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  1. Love this, I'm feeling the exact same way this semester. We'll have to keep tabs on each other to make sure we're doing it ;)