Saturday, August 27, 2011

gobble gobble gobble

After months of promoting Gobblerfest to all the freshmen at Orientation and Hokie Camp, the big day finally arrived yesterday! I worked at the Class of 2013 booth giving away goodies with our new class logo on them, promoting the Kickoff Concert that night, and then working the concert until about midnight.

I also got to get away from my booth to check out the other organizations' tents along Squires at random points throughout the day. I went to the Relay For Life booth to see Anna and Wynkoop, the New Student Programs tent to see J.Jo and Rick, the Alpha Phi booth to visit the suitemates and my sisters, and many more! I even got 2 free t-shirts, just what I need.

I remember my freshman year Gobblerfest like it was yesterday. I went with my suitemates and people on my hall in PY. We got there a little too late, so most organizations were already out of their giveaways and the outdoor carnival was closing down. 

So this year, I made it a point to inform all my freshmen to come EARLY to get free t-shirts, food, concert tickets, goodies, etc. before it all ran out. And I got to see a lot of them there! 

Last year, my sophomore year, I didn't even go to Gobblerfest. So I loved spending all day and night outside of Squires and at the concert yesterday...even though it was a lot of hard work. Now that Gobblerfest and the Kickoff Concert are over, Ring Premiere Marketing is about to kick into full swing!

Cheers to OUR year. Let's do this 2013!

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