Monday, August 8, 2011

the birthday blog

I have been waiting to write this birthday blog post until now, because it wasn't until tonight that the celebrations have officially come to a close. Here is a look into how my birthday celebrations went about this year...


On July 26 (my actual birthday), I was in Blacksburg for Orientation. At first I was hesitant as to how an "Orientation birthday" would be. It was on a Tuesday, so I still had a group of freshmen and a full day as an OL. But the others OLs, especially Team Juicebox, made it feel like MUCH more than just a typical day at Orientation.

It all started at midnight on the 26th, after we had a collective OL and OA meeting, Team Juicebox decided we should have our own "team meeting". So we met outside at our meeting tree a little after midnight. But this meeting wasn't strictly business, it was a celebration! Jen brought me a cake and candles and they sang me Happy Birthday, and each of my team members (plus Sean and John/Mabeus) brought me gifts. I was in shock, and the day hadn't even really begun!

My Mom was also in town for my birthday, so when I got back to my room she had a few surprises for me as well (even though I told her I wanted to wait until I got home to celebrate). She's the best!

The next morning I woke up (early) since it was an Orientation day, and met my team for breakfast where Carly crowned me as "Party Princess". I wore that crown all morning and through intros where Tiffany introduced me by saying "Leading Group 28, from Oak Hill, Va, it's Christine 'today is her 20th birthday' Terminello". What a great start to my day!

During the day I was put onto the stage and sung to by the 400+ freshmen and all the OLs...TWICE! I don't think I have ever been told "Happy Birthday" by that many people, ever. I wish every birthday could be an Orientation Birthday.


Now I don't have any pictures of my birthday celebration with the family because we celebrated literally the minute I walked through the door on July 31 (the day I came home from Blacksburg). We had a nice family dinner and opened my presents and cards from the family and extended family. It was so great to be back home and to finally celebrate my 20th, just the 5 of us!


As soon as Deebz picked me up from the airport on Wednesday night, she had my birthday treats in the passenger seat waiting for me. I was definitely not expecting that! She insisted that I opened them right then and there while she drove us back to USF. 

Deebz is always the best gift giver. She got me the most perfect pink and green Lilly shorts!! I love them so much. And a birthday wouldn't be complete without Cubez to munch on, so she got those too. 


Tonight I planned a small dinner for me and some of my closest girlfriends from home. It was literally the only day I had between Orientation, Florida, and Hokie Camp (I leave for Blacksburg again tomorrow). So obviously not everyone I invited could come, but that's just part of having a summer birthday. 

The girls and I went to Red Hot and Blue for dinner, and we sat out on their porch. It was the perfect summer night to eat a nice bbq meal outside! After dinner we came back to my place to eat cupcakes and ice cream, watch The Bachelor Pad, and open presents. I am so blessed to have such great friends from home that I have kept in touch with, even though we are all at different schools during the year.

Overall, my 20th birthday has been nothing short of outstanding! Here's to a great year, and to officially being my in my "twenties".

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  1. I'm glad you had such great birthday celebrations! Wow, having 400+ people sing to you must have been something :) Happy Belated Birthday!!